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Tucson accommodation Once discount hunter valley accommodation frinton the scale was considered to be appropriately translated into Portuguese, its back-translation into English was conducted independently by two other bilingual health professionals who had not seen the instrument in tucson accommodation its original form.
After accommodation near train station comparing the two 5 star accommodation blue mountains back-translations, a new English version of the scale was generated. The final translated version of the FAS-IR is presented in Appendix 1.
Figure 1 presents a flowchart of the process of translation, adaptation and back-translation. Of the 15 relatives tucson accommodation involved in the pilot questionnaire application, 93% were female and 53% were mothers of the patients; mean age was 55 16.4 years.
The participants had different education levels, ranging tucson accommodation from 33% who had completed basic tucson accommodation education to 7% with university degrees.
As previously mentioned, some family east sydney accommodation members had questions about the wording of some questions; these subjects requested an explanation from the interviewer and made suggestions to improve the clarity and understanding of the instrument. The change made to the scale are listed in Table 1. Discussion and conclusion Throughout the process of adaptation of the FAS-IR into Brazilian Portuguese, we tucson accommodation tucson accommodation sought to achieve semantic equivalence between the original and tucson accommodation the translated versions.
This process involved tucson accommodation in groningen accommodation using language with a focus on maintaining the meaning of the concepts contained in the original instrument so that it would have a similar effect on the respondents in holiday both accommodation highlands cultures.
9 As a holiday accommodation mosselbay result, the interaction between subjects and interviewers was especially important, in the sense of enduring that the original meaning of the question would be conveyed.
The process of adapting an instrument is thus a combination of literal word translation and careful fine-tuning that addresses the cultural context and lifestyle of the target population.